Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Frost Resistant Vegetables

Keran’s choices of Veges which like or can handle the cooler weather

  • Broccoli – It like’s the cooler weather and with thick tough leafs handles some of the worst weather. Cut the head but leave some shoots on the side this will ensure you get more edible heads from the one plant.
  • Cabbage – With its hardy leafs it will handle the cooler weather
  • Carrot - Though often seen as a more summer vege, the carrot in fact gets sweeter as the temperature drops, try planting later.
  • Lettuce – With so many varieties this can be grown all year round and in cooler weather.
  • Radish – This is a very fast growing plant, often only taking a month from seed. This can be grown in cooler weather.
  • Swiss Chard – A very hardy and pretty Vege, this grows well and can handle frost.
  • Spinach – Best time to start to grow it is in mid-winter so that it is ready for early Spring.
This is only a handful of Vegetables that can handle the cooler months but is a good starting point.

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